CBG1-1002-BLK (1)8 Piece Travel Manicure Set8 Piece Travel Manicure Set8 Piece Travel Manicure Set
CBG1-1002-SLV (2)
8 Piece Travel Manicure Set
8 Piece Travel Manicure Set
8 Piece Travel Manicure Set

8 Piece Travel Manicure Set


  • Eight Great Items in One: Comes with eight items including two Nail Clippers, Safety Scissors, Nail File, Pointed Tweezers, Two Cuticle Pushers and One, all-encompassing, Travel Case.
  • Perfect for The Toughest Nails: The two Clippers are designed to deal with everything from a basic short nail trimming to large, annoying, overgrown nightmares.
  • Never Rusts During Its Lifetime: Barbasol makes their manicure kit items of Stainless Steel which is guaranteed to never rust during its lifetime.
  • Ideal for The Man On-The-Go: With the Travel Case, you can take your kit anyplace as it fits perfectly in any space or placed in any larger suitcase or travel carry-on.
  • Customer Service Guarantee: Barbasol promises you will be satisfied with your final purchase. If you encounter any issues or problems with your kit, call us at (844)-777-9601 and we’ll be glad to assist.
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Need to have your nails look the best while traveling or on vacation? With the Barbasol® 8-Piece Travel Manicure Kit, you’ll have the perfect option for on-the-go manicures. Our set comes with eight items, all geared towards your immediate needs. Each are designed to provide you with the best comfort without sacrificing anything. Made of Stainless Steel, they’re guaranteed to never rust during the product’s lifetime. The included Large Nail Clipper is ideal for the toughest ones, while the Slanted Clipper is perfect for removing even the shortest nails without issue. Our convenient Travel Case allows for you to take everything anywhere. Have the best-looking nails on-the-go with the Barbasol 8-Piece Travel Manicure Kit.

Additional information

Packaging Weight 12 oz
Packaging Dimensions 9 × 1 × 7.5 in

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