Cuticle NipperCuticle NipperCuticle NipperCuticle NipperCuticle Nipper
Cuticle Nipper
Cuticle Nipper
Cuticle Nipper
Cuticle Nipper
Cuticle Nipper

Cuticle Nipper With Rubberized Handle


  • Deal With Dry Or Handing Skin On Your Cuticles: Handle pesky dry or hanging skin near your cuticles without issue.
  • Non-Rusting Stainless Steel Design: Our item is made of stainless steel, providing a non-rust surface for easy cleaning.
  • Rubber Handle For Comfortable Grip: The rubberized handle allows for a better grip when removing your dry skin, so you won’t drop them or miss the mark.


(1) Cuticle Nipper

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Your cuticles are often one of the most overlooked parts on one’s body. To deal with this, Barbasol® has crafted the Cuticle Nipper With Rubberized Handle. When you notice dry or hanging skin, place the Nipper over the cuticle area and remove those pesky things. The stainless-steel head won’t rust and can be easily cleaned without issue. A rubberized handle provides for a comfortable grip that allows you to use it without it falling out of your hands, while dealing with dry skin. Avoid having that hanging skin that gives you webbed hands with the Barbasol Cuticle Nipper.

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