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Men’s Shower Puffs (3-Pack)


  • 3 Color Shower Puffs: Our loofah puffs come in 3 separate colors, Red, White and Blue.
  • Great For Showering: Use it to remove dead skin, provide exfoliating relief and make it look the best it can.
  • Mesh Storage Bag: When not being used, your loofahs can be placed in an included mesh bag for easy storage.
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When it comes to skin care, showering requires an extra something to make your body stand out. The Barbasol Men’s Shower Puffs provides multiple ways of transforming your skin for the best possible look. Coming in red, white and blue, each puff removes dead skin, provides exfoliating relief and adds another layer of cleanliness to your routine. Useable with your favorite body washes, we’ve also included a mesh bag for storage where they’re not being used. Make your skin silky smooth and clean with the Men’s Shower Puffs 3-Pack from Barbasol.

Additional information

Packaging Weight 7.2 oz
Packaging Dimensions 5 × 4.5 × 13 in

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