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Instant Hair Remover


  • Removes Hairs From Anywhere: Use it to clip hairs from your upper lip, chin, eyebrows or wherever they’re plaguing you.
  • Gentle On Your Skin: You won’t have to deal with any cuts, burns or marks after use, as our remover gently gets rid of every hair you want.
  • Built-In Light Illuminates Difficult Areas: If you want to illuminate places where the hairs are difficult to see, a built-in light allows you to find and cut them instantly.
  • Battery-Powered: Our remover requires 1 AA battery to fully function. Battery not included and must be sold separately.
  • Cleaning Brush, Manual and Item Cover Included: To keep your item in the best shape, we’ve also included a cleaning brush, user manual and a cover for your remover when not being used.


Annoying hairs can often make the difference between looking your best and being asked about having Bigfoot ancestry. With the Pure Silk® Instant Hair Remover, you can get back to having your ideal appearance. Geared towards getting rid of them from anywhere, you can use it to prevent hairs from forming up on your upper lip, chin, eyebrows, wherever and whenever you want. The remover is gentle on your skin and won’t leave cuts, burns or any irritating marks as you go about the process. A built-in light illuminates hard-to-reach places and get rid of the hairs plaguing your look. Our item requires 1 AA battery to fully work, and our package also comes with a cleaning brush, manual and cover for your remover when not being used. Make your face the best it can be with the Instant Hair Remover from Pure Silk.

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Packaging Weight 5.6 oz
Packaging Dimensions 5.75 × 2 × 8 in

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