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Deluxe Travel Grooming Set: Battery-Powered Detail Trimmer, Micro Trimmer, Nose Trimmer, Boar Brush, folding bag, and More


  • Deluxe Travel Grooming Set: Battery-Powered Detail Trimmer, Micro Trimmer, Nose Trimmer, Boar Brush, and More
  • Battery-powered detail trimmer: with stainless steel blades for precise grooming
  • Micro trimmer: for detailed grooming in tight areas
  • Nose trimmer: for pain-free removal of unsightly nose hair
  • Two-sided boar brush: for styling and maintaining hair and beard
  • Cuticle nipper and tweezer: for grooming hands and nails
  • Nail clipper: for perfectly trimmed nails
  • Convenient folding bag: that hangs up for easy access and organization


Introducing our Deluxe Travel Grooming Set, the ultimate grooming companion for the modern man on the move. This comprehensive set includes a battery-powered detail trimmer with stainless steel blades, a micro trimmer, nose trimmer, two-sided boar brush, cuticle nipper, tweezer, nail clipper, and a convenient folding bag that hangs up for easy access.

The battery-powered detail trimmer with stainless steel blades is the perfect tool for precise grooming. Whether you need to trim your beard, shape your sideburns, or detail your hairstyle, this trimmer delivers outstanding performance and ensures a clean and polished look.

The micro trimmer is designed for precision grooming in tight and hard-to-reach areas. Trim and shape your eyebrows, remove unwanted facial hair, or achieve detailed grooming with ease. This compact trimmer is your go-to tool for impeccable grooming.

Keep your nose hair in check with the nose trimmer. Its gentle and safe design ensures pain-free trimming while effectively removing unsightly nose hair. Stay groomed and confident with this essential grooming tool.

The two-sided boar brush is a versatile accessory that helps you achieve a well-groomed appearance. The boar bristles provide gentle exfoliation and distribute natural oils, leaving your hair and beard looking healthy and lustrous. Use the brush to style, shape, and maintain your desired look.

The set also includes a cuticle nipper and tweezer for grooming your hands and nails. Achieve clean and well-maintained cuticles with the precision of the cuticle nipper. The tweezer is perfect for removing unwanted stray hairs and maintaining a neat and polished appearance.

Complete your grooming routine with the included nail clipper, ensuring your nails are perfectly trimmed and well-groomed. Maintain a professional and polished look with ease.

All these grooming essentials come in a convenient folding bag that hangs up, allowing easy access and organization of your tools. The bag is designed for travel, making it perfect for use on the go. Stay organized and groomed wherever you are.

Invest in our Deluxe Travel Grooming Set and elevate your grooming game. From precise detailing with the battery-powered detail trimmer to maintaining well-groomed hands with the cuticle nipper and tweezer, this set has everything you need. Achieve a polished and refined look with the ultimate grooming set for the modern man.

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Packaging Weight 16 oz
Packaging Dimensions 23.03 × 11.14 × 8.07 in

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