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Complete Grooming Kit: Beard Trimmer, Ear & Nose Trimmer, Detail Trimmer, Manicure Set, and Travel Bag


  • 7 Unique Items and Pieces: Our kit comes with multiple pieces including a Beard Trimmer, Ear & Nose Trimmer, Detail Trimmer, 5-Position Adjustable Guide Comb and 3 Guide Combs
  • Get The Right Look When Trimming: The beard trimmer makes for a sharp, clean, and safe cut that best exemplifies your own personal look. Beard Trimmer Requires 2 AA Batteries, Sold Separately.
  • Remove Unsightly Hairs From Awkard Places: Our Ear & Nose Trimmer allows you the option of getting rid of those annoying hairs in those spaces without too much trouble.
  • 3 Guide Combs For The Ideal Hair Length: Whether you want to manage stubble, medium or full-length hair, our guide combs can easily provide for all of those options.
  • Oil and Cleaning Brush: We’ve included Oil and a Cleaning Brush with our kit to help you in your day-to-day routine.
  • Complete Stainless-Steel Manicure Set: includes Nail Clippers, Safety Scissors, Nail File, Pointed Tweezers, Cuticle Pushers
  • All-encompassing travel case: for easy organization of manicure tools
  • Practical Travel Bag: for organized storage and portability
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Introducing our Complete Grooming Kit, a comprehensive collection of grooming essentials designed to meet all your grooming needs. This kit includes a Beard Trimmer, Ear & Nose Trimmer, Detail Trimmer, 5-Position Adjustable Guide Comb, 3 Guide Combs, a Manicure Set with eight items, and a convenient Travel Bag.

The stainless-steel Beard Trimmer in this kit allows you to effortlessly maintain and style your beard to perfection. Trim, shape, and sculpt your facial hair with precision, ensuring a neat and well-groomed look every time.

For precise detailing in hard-to-reach areas, the Ear & Nose Trimmer is the perfect tool. Safely and comfortably remove unwanted hair from your ears and nose, ensuring a clean and polished appearance.

The Detail Trimmer is designed for precise grooming and detailing. Whether you need to define your sideburns, trim your mustache, or shape your eyebrows, this trimmer delivers outstanding performance.

With the 5-Position Adjustable Guide Comb and 3 Guide Combs, you have versatile options for achieving your desired hair length and style. Easily adjust the cutting length to suit your preferences, allowing for personalized grooming experiences.

The Manicure Set included in this kit offers a complete range of tools for well-groomed hands. With two Nail Clippers, Safety Scissors, Nail File, Pointed Tweezers, and Two Cuticle Pushers, this set covers all your manicure needs. Keep your nails trimmed, shaped, and clean, maintaining a professional look wherever you go. The set comes with an all-encompassing Travel Case for easy organization and portability.

To keep all your grooming tools organized and accessible, we provide a practical Travel Bag. Whether you’re traveling or simply on the move, this bag ensures that your grooming essentials are neatly stored and easily retrievable. Stay organized and groomed with ease.

Invest in our Complete Grooming Kit and experience the convenience of having all your grooming essentials in one place. From trimming and shaping your beard to precise detailing and maintaining well-groomed hands, this kit has you covered. Stay sharp, polished, and confident with the ultimate grooming companion.

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Packaging Weight 10 oz
Packaging Dimensions 13.19 × 10.31 × 11.64 in

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