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3-Piece Personal Grooming Kit


  • Detail Trimmer: Use our device to fix your sideburns, beards, remove awkward hairs from difficult spots, including under your nose, or wherever you have some frustrating hairs.
  • 2 Attachments: The Micro Trimmer allows you to trim and style your facial hair, especially in delicate spots. While the other trimmer removes unwanted hairs in your ears and nose.
  • Washable: After frequent use, all of your heads are easily washable and won’t rust, thanks to the stainless-steel design.
  • Battery-Powered: Our trimmer uses 1 AA battery to fully function at all times. Battery Not Included and Must Be Purchased Separately.
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Trying to manage your facial hair can be difficult without the right tools. The Barbasol 3-Piece Personal Grooming Kit allows you to tackle pesky stubble and make your appearance better. The included Detail Trimmer allows you to improve your sideburns, beards, or remove hairs from complicated spots. Use the attachable Micro Trimmer to better manage delicate and awkward areas without issue. If you have hairs coming out of your nose and ears, attach the nose trimmer piece and begin removing them instantly. All of which are washable and can be easily cleaned without rusting. Keep your beard and stumble in line with the 3-Piece Personal Grooming Kit.

Additional information

Packaging Weight 8 oz
Packaging Dimensions 12.04 × 7.95 × 9.45 in

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