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2-Pack Slant and Point Tweezer Set


  • Comes With Two Separate Tweezers: Our set includes two different Tweezers for your needs including a Slant and Pointed option.
  • Will Never Rust: Made of stainless steel, our tips are guaranteed never to rust and can be easily cleaned.
  • Non-Slip Design For Best: Both tweezers are made in a non-slip design that allows for you to easily grip the tweezers while plucking the most difficult hairs.
  • Barbasol Customer Service Guarantee: Barbasol promises you will be satisfied with your final purchase. If you encounter any issues or problems with your kit, call us at (844)-777-9601 and we’ll be glad to assist.
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The right tweezers can make all the difference between looking your best or having a quasi-unibrow. Barbasol® is here to assist you with the Slant and Point Tweezer Set. Our kit comes with two separate items to hand all of your hairy needs. The Slant option is ideal for removing unwarranted hairs, while the Pointed one is great for smaller, more stubborn ones that can be difficult to get rid of. Made of stainless steel, our tips will never rust, and the Non-Slip texture provides for a more comfortable grip when dealing with the most difficult ones. Get rid of unwarranted hairs with Barabsol’s Slant and Point Tweezer Set.

Additional information

Packaging Weight 4.8 oz
Packaging Dimensions 3.75 × 0.5 × 7 in

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