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10 Piece Essential Grooming Kit


  • Body and Beard Trimmer: Our trimmer can be used to remove unsightly hairs from your body or to trim and customize your beard with 4 separate position guides ranging from 5 to 14mm.
  • Ear and Nose Trimmer: Take out awkward and compromising hairs in your ears and nose with the other trimmer of our grooming kit.
  • 8 Other Unique Items: Also included with our set are 2 nail clippers, 2 cuticle pushers, a nail file, Comb and Safety scissors to help tackle other issues from head to toe.
  • Battery-Powered: Our Body and Beard Trimmer uses 2 AAA batteries to function, and the Ear & Nose Trimmer requires 1 AA. Batteries Not Included and Must Be Purchased Separately.

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How you look from head to toe is often a deciding factor in your day-to-day activities. With the Barbasol 10 Piece Essential Grooming Kit, you’ll have multiple tools to deal with every facet of your appearance. The battery-powered Body and Beard Trimmer features 4 adjustable positions  to trim and style your facial hair according to its length and look. If you have awkward hairs in your nose and ears, use the battery-powered Trimmer to get rid of them. Also included are 2 Nail clippers, 2 Cuticle pushers, Nail file, Comb and Safety scissors for any other needs. Our Body and Beard Trimmer requires 2 AAA batteries, and the Ear and Nose Trimmer uses 1 AA. Keep your face, hands and toes looking their best with the 10 Piece Essential Grooming Kit.

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Packaging Weight 11.2 oz
Packaging Dimensions 10.5 × 2 × 8.75 in

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